04 May 2016

London food diaries

Just to give you the heads up, this won't be any sort of " healthy food ideas" instead it's a "what will give you pimples" food ideas...yes I had basically 5 cheat days in a row while in London and I don't have any regrets what so ever.I think the healthiest food I ate was sushi..just to give you an idea. Besides sushi, everything that is fried or has sugar in it, yep I had it.
My breakfasts consisted of croissants, and peanut butter and jam on toast. Who has a sweet tooth like I do, understands these choices.
For lunch we (I mean my boyfriend and I) opted each day for a different type of restaurant. Whether it was a hamburger, italian, sushi, lebanese, or indian we enjoyed every bite of it.
For hamburger we went to a place called Byron . You can spot this restaurant preety much everywhere, I have seen it in a lot of places in London.Now I will not say this was my favorite hamburger of all times, but it is in the top 5 hamburgers I had for sure.

I previously I had a bad experience with indian food, but I would like to think that it was just a bad restaurant, and not that the indian cousine is bad, because one of these days we opted for an indian restaurant called Dishoom in Covent Garden and it was amazing. If you go to London, out of all of the restaurants I am recommending today, I would say go and try this one out. But be sure to make a reservation though, otherwise you end up waiting in a line for a good half an hour like we did.
We went actually into two Lebanese restaurants, one is called Orjowan and the other one I cant really remember but it was really close to Harrods, if that helps you.Both of them had really good food, lebanese cousine happens to be my favorite type of couisine (along with sushi) so I was really content with both of the restaurants.
On Saturday we went to Brighton, where of course we had some fried seafood, with a side of sweet potato fries. It was delicious. Definitely not healthy, but I like my fried food. Once in a while it is allowed after all.

Now onto the sweet side of London:when you constantly hear your favorite Uk bloggers going on and on about Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, cronuts and Ben's Cookies you just HAVE to try them. So I did, and they were really good,they did the job of satisfying me cravings for sugar, they were so good that I actually don't mind having a reminder of them in the form of pimples.Sugar makes me break out, but hey you are not every day in London, at least I am not.

So now me being already home, I try to undo the damage and eath healthy or lets say healthy-ish because temptations are everywhere I look. So wish me good luck, and I might share my two days detox meal plan I plan to do these days.Anyone curious about that?

My post about London will be up shortly, let's say next week. Untill then there will be a Weekly Friday and also a makeup post, so subscribe below for more, and don't forget to follow me on instagram.

With all that said I wish you a happy Wednesday, two more days untill the weekend!

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