06 May 2016

Weekly Friday| Birthday celebration| DIY body scrub

Weekly Friday, where I share my highlight of the week, a quote that inspired me and one recommendation.
Highlight of my week: This week was a special one, at least for me because it was my birthday. I turned 27, and I know I am still young, but I actually felt kind of sad, time is running so fast, it was just now that I turned 26. Anyways, it couldn't have been a better one because I got to spend it in London.For my birthday lunch  we went to a Lebanese restaurant, which was my choice because I just love Lebanse cousine.

Quote:  "Good things take time"
I am not known for my patiente, I want everything in the minute I thought of it. But that is not possible, at least not for every thing I want, or everything I dream about. But that can be good in a way, because if it's about a dream I have and I have to work for it, put time and effort into achieving it, then I cherish it more, and respect it more due to the work it required to make it happen. If we want to make something really good, if we want to chase our dreams, that takes time.If it doesn't it wouldn't really be a dream, right?
Recommendation: if you run out of your body scrub, there is actuall a really easy DIY that you can make at home, no need to rush out to buy one. Just simply mix olive oil with some sugar or grounded coffee and the scrub is ready.I did this DIY myself aswell and it worked perfectly, thanks to the olive oil it also hydrated my skin.

How was your week?

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