22 May 2016

How to start having a healthier life? My personal Tips

When we decide to live healthy it has to be a lifetime commitment that we make for ourselves! We don't do it for other people, this is a choice we make in order to take care of our body the best as we can.

My rules or my advices won't be drastical, like cut sugar out for good, and never ever eat this or that. Instead am trying to aim for small steps that everybody can follow. And then gradually perfect them, creating new healthy habbits.

1. My first advice would be to create a balance. Meaning, we are humans, and we are tempted to eat the non-healthy food, and that is good, we are not perfect and we shouldn't be harsh on ourselves. It is allowed once in a while to have a cheatmeal, a cheatday. But always try to balance it out with a workout or at least don't let yourself carried away for days in a row. This I find to be the hardest, because I am a black or white kind of person, who either eats everything she craves or eats nothing at all..There is not gray way for me. I still have to learn my personal balance aswell.
2. Get to learn what your body needs, and likes, provide good and healthy nutrition to your body.Be attentive to what it needs, because our body sends us signals. Whether we crave chocolate for example, it means that we actually need magnesium, the brain needs fuel, so instead of eating a bar of chocolate or anything that has sugar in it, opt for a handful of nuts or seeds.
3. Try to variate your meals, incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables, beans, lentils, try out new recipes, don't be afraid to experience with food.
4. One of my favorite saying is" We don't live to eat, we eat to live!" So many people live the other way around, food became our biggest obsession, and that is the reason why people are gaining so much weight in such a short time. Food has become our comfort zone, and the thruth is people are not reaching for apples and bananas when they are feeling sad and low, the are reaching for a bag of chips, sugar or some sort of fast food. What I am trying to say is that we should think about food as our fuel, and not live so we are able to eat.
5. I must include some general tips such as avoid juices and sodas, avoid fast food and white bread as much as possible. These are the most common tips, but for a good reason. We must understand that these type of foods don't provide us energy and vitamins, they are empty calories that cannot be used by our body as fuel.
6. Drink water, and lots of it.
7. Excercise, whether you walk, run or swim, the main things is that you move and use your body and muscles.
8. Get enough sleep!When we are tired we tend to eat more,and snack especially on things with sugar in them.
9. One of my other favorite tips is to make a list of ingredients that you need to buy. Plan the recipes you want to prepare the following week and buy only the things that are necessary. This way you keep your meal plan/diet plan organized and don't fall off the bandwagon as easily.
10. Try to avoid eating out in restaurants, instead cook your own meal at home. If you are a busy mom, plan ahead, and try to cook whatever is possible in advance, and then just store it in the fridge, or freeze it, then reheat it once it's needed.
11. Clear out the fridge and pantry from the processed food, chocolate and biscuits, and everything that might call your name when you have cravings. This way even if you feel like having a piece of chocolate, you don't have it at hand. This tip works for me.
12. Avoid unhealthy fats and eat the healthy ones such as avocados, nuts, seeds, etc.
13. Try to eat less fried food. Fried food is so hard to digest. Plus all that oil is not good anyways.
14. Don't eat right before you go to sleep, instead eat with a good 3 hours before. If you eat and then go to sleep, your body will not use up the energy from the food, instead it will turn it into sugar, and restore it for other days. Your body wants to keeps itself safe, whatever you eat in plus, it will store it away for harder days...meaning you will gradually gain weight if you don't use up the energy from the food you consume.Plus, you can't get a proper rest, because your body is working on digesting the food you ate, instead of relaxing. While we sleep our body has te opportunity to rebuild and
rejuvenate itself, we should be conscious about this fact.
15. Don't let  a day go by without breathing fresh air! Have outdoor activities, enjoy the sun and clean fresh air!

I hope some of these tips will be helpful for some of you. You need to creat healthy habbits, and in time, not in one day. And remember, that we don't have to be perfect, we are humans, once in a while we can all have cheatdays, it is all about the balance.