13 May 2016

Weekly Friday| Healthy recipes, Spring closet clear up

Weekly Friday where I share my highlight of the week, a quote and some foodie recommendations.

Highlight of my week: I arrived home this week determined to clear out my wardrobe, out with the old, in with the new. I am deffinitely up for a wardrobe change, shopping is happening people, exciting days ahead. Besides my love for shopping, I love the idea and the feeling of a freshly cleaned and organized closet/wardrobe.
Quote: " In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can"
If we believe we can, we truly can! Every situation we experience, is the result of our thoughts and feelings. Whether  it is good, or bad, positive or negative everything has its roots in our mind. It is unbelivable how the mind controls everything! Beleive you can do it, and for sure you will succeed in everything you plan to succeed!
Recommendation: I discovered Madeleine Shaw, a well known food blogger, who has some amazing recipes on her website. Check her out here. I already got the ingredients to make her warm kale, avocado, quinoa,pomegranate salad. I expect it to be as delicious as it seems in the picture. *Recipe here . I also want to try out her Raw Chocolate and Maca balls dessert, my gosh it looks tasty. *Recipe here .

Any food blogger you recommend me to follow?I am getting addicted to it.
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