08 May 2016

Monica Vinader Rose Gold Siren Ring

As much as I like jewellery, I have a hard time finding something I really like, a piece that will be a staple in my collection. A ring or a necklace I will want to wear every day, for years, without getting bored of it. That is what I am looking for in a jewellery.
I wore the same ring for more than 5 years no joke. One day I said to myself that I need a change, I need to find something equally as nice as the one I was wearing for this long. I wanted something classic, a ring that not everybody has, something that will reflect my taste and style.
I've found out about Monica Vinader jewellery, and their rings were calling my name. I wanted at least 5 of them. I love their idea of stacking the rings, this way your stack is unique and you can always mix and match the them.

My first  ring from Monica Vinader I got as my birthday present,  in the Rose Gold Siren Medium stacking ring with a Blue Lace Agate stone. It looks so chic and elegant, classic, yet still it has a fancyness to it. Exactly what I was looking for, it is totally my style.I will for sure buy some other ones so I can stack them together.

I have it in the Size K, and I wear it on my middle finger, in case you are interested and you don't quite know what size to choose.

Have you heard of Monica Vinader? If not, check out her website and the link to my ring here

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