05 April 2016

How to: At Home Facial

I am that type of person who likes to do their own manicures and pedicures, because I actually enjoy doing them by myself. This way I can do them whenever I feel like, no need to wait untill your appointment.  And it is the same with facials...

By facials I mean cleansing, steaming, and using a mask, and if I have some extra time massaging my face, as an extra relaxing step. I don't do extractions by myself because that needs to be done by a professional.

Here is my at HOME facial routine :

1. Use a cleanser: I do this as my first step to remove all the makeup and dirt from my face so I can start steaming a clean face/skin layer.
2.Steaming your face: Steaming helps to increase circulation in your face and opens up the pores.
You don't necessarily need the professional equipment that salons have. I don't have a face steamer at home but what I do is that I boil some water, I put either a camolile tea bag, some herbs or a couple of drops of essential oils into the water, and just simply hold my face over it, at about 5 cm distance. It is very important to cover the head with a towel, so that it helps trap the steam. I steam my face for a good 10 to 15 minutes.
3. Use a cleansing, purifying mask: now that your pores are opened, this step is essential to draw out any impurities, dirt and oil from the pores.
4.Toning and moisturizing: after washing down the mask, you need to make sure your pores are truly cleaned, and you also have to close them up, with the help of a toner.  Steaming can dry out your skin so it is very important that you apply your daily moisturizer as the last step of your at home facial.

If you have time for an extra step, instead of a moisturizer you can use a facial oil, and for 5 to 10 minutes massage your face. I really like a video that Lisa Eldrige did on her facial massage routine, click here to check it out.

Would you rather do a facial at home or you like to get it done by a professional?

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