30 April 2016

Weekly Friday| Trip to London,Favorite Quote and Face Masks

Weekly Friday that actually gets posted on a Saturday.Woops sorry, I have no excuse other than I am in London out and about the whole day exploring this beautiful city.Please excuse!
Highlight of the week: is definitely my trip to London. I have never been to London or in the UK actually, but it was on my list of cities to visit. It is an amazing place, I am really happy I have the chance to explore it. Truly on of a kind, the streets are bustling with people, good food, nice view. More to come in a post dedicated only to London.

Favorite Quote:" Life begings at the end of your comfort zone"
If there was an award for being the most comfortable person, then that award would go to me. I like no changes in my daily life, I am quite happy with my routine. But what is life without adventures and  challenges?When you feel the adrenaline and the excitement about something new? That is life, that means living!

Recommendation: I recently wrote about my favorite face masks to use when I am traveling. During flights my skin gets dehydrated and itchy so using some hydrating mask is a must for me. Check out my favorite face masks to travel with blogpost.

How was your week?
Hello from London!