22 April 2016

Weekly Friday| Eyesahdow palette, Chasing dreams and awesome ways to use banana peels

Another week another weekly friday, were I share the highlight of my week, my favorite quote of the week and a recommendation.
Highlight of the week: it has to be my new Stila Eyes are the Window Soul eyeshadow Palette. I have been waiting for almost a month for this palette to arrive. Don't ask me why it took ages to receive it. I LOVE it, the colors are gorgeous!

Favorite quote:
We all have dreams, we all wish for something. But if all we do is dream about them without actually taking the necessary steps to fulfill them, and build them,  all they will be is "dreams" that never come true. We should all have the courage to chase our dreams, and beleive in our selves, or we may end up helping others build theirs...
Recommendation: I eat one banana almost on a daily basis. I always threw away it's peel, because I never knew how many uses it has, untill I recently read an article. Some of the many ways banana peel can be used:
-Use them to fertilize plants
-Rub them over your teeth to whiten them
-Place banana peel over the bug bites and scratches
-Polish house plants
-Helps you get rid of acne
-make face masks

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