10 April 2016

Off the shoulder, lace detailed blouses trend | My Wishlist

Off the shoulder, embroidered, lace and ruffle detailed, flared sleeved,  victorian style tops and blouses are really INStyle at the moment. And I must say they are really feminine and really sexy. If you like fashion and want to get inspired by the latest trends then this post is for you.
    I have been browsing through my favorite websites trying to find some tops that I like and possibly buy, so I can rewamp my wardrobe a little bit.Spring is the time to press the refresh button, when we clear out our closet and make space for the new things.  But even if it's not spring, shopping is always fun, and it's a good excuse to get some new fun clothing items.

Asos has some amazing ones, I honestly cannot choose my favorite:

Links in order:
Off shoulder lace top
Petite Lace top

If you like to shop from Zara I've found these two amazing tops:

Off the shoulder
Revolve Clothing is a site where you can find all kinds of brands and they have a huge selection of clothing. Some tops I saved for later:
Knit top

These blouses and tops are on my current wishlist. Are you into the lace, off the shoulder trend?

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