15 April 2016

Weekly Friday| Highlight of the week, Favorite Quote and a Recommendation

Weekly Friday where I share my favorite event of the week, the inspirational quote that inspired me throughout the week,  and a recommendation I want you to know about.

Highlight of the week: I have been invited to do a photoshooting . I had to do my own makeup, so I tried to create something special.The pictures turned ot really good, I will be sharing them with you once I get them.

I know from experience that this daily trick is the key to happiness. We are trully able to control our minds so easily, with just a little practice.With a positive attitude, and a possitive way of thinking we attract only the good things. I try to create a habbit to fill my mind up with positive affirmations every morning. It effects my day in a positive way, I find that I attract mostly good things.

Recommendation: First thing in the morning before you eat your breakfast, drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice in it. Drinking this little water-lemon cocktail will:

1. Aid in digestion and detoxification * this is the easiest way to detoxify your organism

2. Bump up the vitamin C quotient *you cannot have enough of Vitamin C, the more the better

3. Rejuvenate skin and also heals the body *you will see the positive effects on your skin in a matter of days

4. Help shed pounds *of course in time, not just after a few days 

5. Boost energy and mood * you will feel way more energetic during the day

Try it, it really works!

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