22 October 2014

My haircare routine

I am happy with my haircare routine. I found some products that I really like, and repurchased many times so far, such as the Alterna shampoos and the Morroccanoil. HG for me.
I should start by saying, that I wash my hair two times a week. This is a routine I got used to, and it suits my weekly schedule. I previously wrote a blogpost about my HG haircare products, infact it was one of my first ever post, but there are also some other products that I use in my haircare routine. And today I will go thru the steps that I take, and which products I use.

Step 1:Wash
The shampoo that I currently use is Alterna Bamboo Shine, I have already raved about previously. I love Alterna shampoos because they are paraben and sulfate free, wich is the main factor I look for in shampoos.
My conditioner is just a basic Garnier one. I personally don't beleive in conditioners. I only use them to be able to comb thru my hair more easily, I never give it time to penetrate the hair.

Step 2:Mask
Now on to the hairmasks that I use. After every hairwash I apply a hairmask.This is the part when I compensate the fact that I don't let the conditioner do its purpose. I have three masks at the moment: Sebastian Penetraitt, wich is far the best hairmask that I have tried, and I recommend it to everyone wanting to try it. Then I have a Phyto ultra -repairing hairmask for damaged hair, wich is nice, and I like the smell of it. The third one is the Living proof restore mask treatment, this is my least favorite out of the three, it is actually a dissapointing product, but I will use it up anyways.

Step 3:Treatment
After I had my hairmask on for at least 30 minutes, I always use a pump of the Morroccanoil and a  pump of the Sebastian Potion 9. I mix the two drops together on the palm of my hand, to warm them up a little and then I apply it to the ends of my hair. Just to the ends, never close to my scalp area.

And after these 3 main steps I dry my hair with a hairdryer. Most of the time I use a paddle brush to dry my hair streight. Sometimes I use a curling wand or a streightener, just to make things more

Extras: I have a Tangleteezer, wich I do like. Though my hair is not tangly, I like the
gentle massage that it gives to my scalp when I brush my hair with this. On days when I don't have time or energy to wash my hair I use the Batiste dry shampoos. I reviewed them recently on my blog so feel free to check out my thoughts on them.

I can truly say, my hair has never been in a better condition. I don't have split ends what so ever, I have to look for one, seriously. And for that I have to thank the Morroccanoil and both of the Sebastian products.

What are your HG hair products?