29 October 2014

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

Can I just say that I have't been this excited for a perfume in a loong time. This is all I want to use since I got it, and that says a lot.
 I previously had the Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume. Sadly, I had to give it away, it was causing me some serious headacke. It was not funny.
Although I find this to be its little sister, this is way more interesting to me, and this is trully a womens perfume. The Black Orchid can easily be worn by man aswell.

I would describe this scent as a sexy, feminine and uttelry seductive fragrance, that type of scent I would wanna feel on my gilfriend *if I were a man*. I find it to be sweet but on the oriental side, not candy sweet if you know what I mean. The main accords are : floral, sweet, balsamic, powdery, vanilla.It is such and experience to smell this perfume.

I did mention in my Perfume collection post that I have a rough time choosing and finding a perfume that I like, and this passed the test in just a matter of days. I went to the store just to try it on over and over again just to be sure. And I am happy I purchased it without hesitating.

This will be my signature scent for the fall and winter for sure. What is your signature scent at the moment?