02 November 2015

5 Healthy breakfast ideas to start the day right

As the second post about my lifestyle and healthy living tips, I thought I'll share my all time favorite breakfasts. This is literally what I eat most of my mornings and I simply never get tired of it.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having your breakfast every morning is the first step to a healthier lifestyle.
1/ One banana, one cup of muesli, figs and soy milk
One of my favorite combinations ever, it's like having a dessert already in the morning. All of these ingredients will give you enough energy for hours before you start to feel hungry. Lots of good vitamins in this breakfast option.

2/ This may sound strange for some of you, but I like to have a salad for my breakfast. More precisely a tuna salad, with some sort of cheese, one boiled egg and lots of vegetables.
I find that having a salad in the morning helps me handle food cravings easier and also gives me tons of energy to start the day.

3/ One slice of bread toasted, avocado, cream cheese, cucumber and paprika

4/One slice of bread toasted with one scoop of almond butter and sliced banana on top.

5/ One slice of bread with hummus and ham, cherry tomatoes
Hummus is another thing I really really like. Pretty low in calories and very filling, and also healthy.

These breakfast ideas are some healthy choices, but sometimes I also eat a croissant, or some other type of pastrie, or some type of white bread with butter and gem.

What is your favorite breakfast choice?