17 November 2015

Drugstore makeup regrets #2

The second post of this week is my current drugstore makeup regrets. Even if these items didn't cost me a lot of money, sometimes even that amount of money was too much to pay for them.

1. NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk: there was a time when everybody in the Youtube community was raving about this specific jumbo pencil shade from NYX. I admit the idea of a jumbo pencil used as a base, is really good. Also, the white color of this pencil should really help any eyeshadow color you use to pop out more. I don't know if it's just my pencil, but I every time I tried to use it I had the impression that it didn't really set, it was dry instead of being creamy, and the application of the shadows on top of seemed a little uneven.
2. Sigma brushes:(more precisely the natural bristle brushes, because the synthetic ones I love) When I got my Sigma brushes ages ago, these were super affordable and claimed to be the dupe/ affordable version of the MAC ones. But they dissapointed me. After you washed them a couple of times, they started shedding and the bristles were breaking. Also the black paint on the handles was coming off.
3. Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder: I wanted to like this powder because some of my UK favorite bloggers were raving about it. But for me, this is not doing pretty much anything. It doesn't set my foundation the way I expect it, doesn't prolong the wear of it, and overall I just cannot find the reason to use it.
4. Rimmel Kate Moss mascara: the color of the mascara is actually super black, which I like, and there is not much to argue about the formula itself but the mascara wand is hugeee.. I may have small eyelashes and eveerything but this is scarry, I cannot use it because the wand is way too difficult to handle and every time I tried using it I painted the mascara where I actually shouldn't,and I never have this issue.. Whats with this wand Rimmel?
5. Deborah Professional Longewear Gloss in Juicy Coral: I'm not sure but I think you can only find this brand thruout Europe. This gloss has two sides, one side is the base that is ment to hydrate the lip and help with the longevity of the gloss, and the other side is the actual gloss. Using this gloss is  a messy work, the formula is not opaque, doesn't last on the lips at all, and I could go on an on why it's not a good product.

What drugstore products do you regret getting?