14 November 2015

Fall outfit and daily blogging for two weeks

I was thinking it would be fun to do a drugstore makeup themed week, and then a luxury makeup one. I will have daily posts about my favorites, regrets, face of the days, and many more.

Monday: I will talk about my current Drugstore/ Luxury Makeup Favorites
Tuesday: Drugstore/ Luxury Makeup Regrets
Wednesday: My opinion about *5*  Drugstore/ Luxury items that worth the hype
Thurstday: 5 items I would rather buy Drugstore than Luxury/ 5 items I would rather buy Luxury than Drugstore
Friday: Face of the Day using Drugstore/ Luxury products
Saturday: Current Drugstore Wishlist/ Luxury Wishlist
Sunday: Favorites for every product category

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I hope you like this idea, I think it will be fun, something new and exciting!Definitely a challenge for me, but I am up for it!

Because this post is so short I thought I share with you an outfit I wore these days. I am taking advantage of the Sunny days, while they last, so I wore a black leather jacket with a giant HM scarf from last years collection. This look is simple, yet it has some intersting details such as my new boots. I love animal printed shoes/boots in this case, or even clothing items, it might be because otherwise my taste for clothing would be quite boring for some of you, basically consisting of black, camel, or grey colored clothing most of the time.

Diesel jeans, Mango leather jacket, Philip Lim Medium Pashli handbag

HM scarf

Boots are from Asos click here

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What do you think of this look?