19 November 2015

5 Products I would rather buy Drugstore than Luxury #4

Drugstore products can have the same quality as the luxury ones, sometimes just the packaging makes the difference. In my opinion, there are some type of makeup products that simply do not worth to splurge on. I would rather buy them from the drugstore, and splurge on the items that really worth paying the extra money for.

Blush: it might be because I like to use bronzer more in place of a blush, but I truly think that you can find some great blushes in the drugstore.Brands like Sleek, Max Factor,or NYX have great shade selection, and they are just as pigmented and long lasting as my MAC blushes.

Eyeliner pencil: Rimmel has some great eyeliner pencils, that have a great creamy, long lasting formula, and I cannot justify the price tag of the higher end eyepencil.

Lipstick: this may be strange for some of you. I have high end and also low end lipsticks, and I don't really see the difference regarding the lasting power, shade range, it is just the packaging. Truth is I felt disappointed by many of the higher end lipsticks, and then I just regretted paying that much money for them, buying a drugstore one at least comforts your wallet.And you can buy more of them!

Mascara: I have short stubborn lashes, and no mascara can help them look more voluminous, full and long. If I buy an expensive mascara, I buy it for the brand and for it's cute packaging, not for the mascara formula itself. Does it worth it then? No... Maybelinne does it for me.

Concealer: I am not saying that high end concealers are not good, but the Maybelinne ones are just as good. And if you can get the same,or almostthe same quality cheaper, why not save on this one, and splurge on a foundation instead?

On which makeup of products do you like saving or spending money on?