26 November 2015

All time raved about Luxury makeup products #4

If you look back at the yearly favorites of bloggers and youtubers, you will see that a lot of the same products are featured. But are they really that good?Are they really must haves in everybody's collection?

I tried to cover just on the products I haven't  mention before this week, this way I don't repeat my opinion about them.

Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette: this palette was a huge hit. I think out of all of the Naked palettes this got the most love. Everybody owns it, countless tutorials went up on youtube, and I must say with a good reason. I adore it aswell, I use it on on a weekly basis, even if I have lots of other palettes that I could use. One of those palettes that you MUST own. The color selection is amazing,they have good quality, velvety/smooth texture, long lasting formula, easy to work with, works with all skintones.
Urban Decay primer potions: I tried every single one of them (Sin, Anti ageing, Original,etc) and I didn't like using them. I didn't liked how the eyeshadows blended on top of it, it didn't help the shadows stay on longer, the colors didn't pop.Overall I couldn't find any reason to like them.
MAC 217 brush: you could create a whole eye look just by using this one  eye brush.You can use it to put on the lid color, then blend it out using another color in the crease and then smoke it out in the outer corners. I saw girls and makeup artists using this to blend their under eye concealer aswell.
Kevin Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer: concealer, foundation all in one. If you want to splurge on it, do it, because it is a good multitasker product to have in your collection. The coverage is amazing, this is a very very pigmented product.
Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel makeup base: this takes me back to the years I fell in love with makeup. One of my first high end products that I purchased. I still love it, I still use it, and I do recommend it as a makeup base or a bronzer. A type of bronzer that I haven't seen in any other makeup brands collection.
Nars Laguna bronzer: I do enjoy using this product, but I think I could easily live without it. It has a universal shade that works with both fair and medium skintone, but I don't understand the hype around it. I have better bronzers in my collection.
TheBalm Marry Lou-Manizer: this brand is quite affordable compared to the other ones I shared above. I like the packaging of this illuminator,  because it's quite playful and it has a really good mirror inside. The formula of this highlighter is finely milled, smooth, velvety, and pigmented.The shimmer particles are really tiny and reflect the light in a subtle way. I think this is the most affordable high end highlighter on the market.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette: everything from this brand is amazing and good quality. Starting with the formula, shade range, packaging, price.. This brand is one of my favorite ones.

You may have noticed that I didn't include any foundation on this list. That's because foundations are a different story. Listing them would require at least a top 5 of their own. Would you like me to do a most raved about foundations review?